LSJ Z01 Plus S

Anything but green behind the ears.

LSJ Z01 Plus S

Anything but green behind the ears.

Internal lubrication. External lubrication. Control system. Why have three modules when you can have everything in one? The LSJ Z01 PLUS S is the all-in-one system for everything. Really everything!

This powerful system is optimized for professional users and shows its performance in all areas: High-precision proportional technology, more spindles, more aerosol outputs, more aerosol saturation and even more control thanks to the integrated control system. A system for those who want more performance and less lubricant.

Showing your colors has never been so impressive. The green aluminum trim pays homage to the sustainability of our systems. It protects against external influences and can be opened in a flash.

General Information
  • Universal device for internal and external lubrication.
  • Cooling channel cross-section at the tool outlet from 0.6mm2 to max. 50mm2
  • spindle size up to max. HSK 100
  • Parameters adjustable via machine control
  • Visual & electronic level monitoring
  • Aerosol saturation adjustment via 2 nozzles
  • Unit installed in control cabinet
  • Tank capacity 6 liters (max. filling quantity 4 liters)
  • Control system integrated
  • Several spindles simultaneously (same tool)
  • 2 aerosol outlets
  • High precision proportional technology
Technical Data
Dimensions (W x L x H):450 x 400 x 700 mm
Weight:30 kg
Pressure at the tool:8 – 9,5 bar*
Aerosol outlet:Ø 12 mm (NW 10)

* Depending on: Cooling channel cross-section and viscosity of the liquid

Pressure range:4,5 - 10 bar
Compressed air connection:Ø 16 mm (NW 12)
Air supply:
(depending on cooling channel cross section)
Min: 250 Nl/min
Ideal: 1200 Nl/min
Max: 5000 Nl/min
Power supply:24 V (Control signal via machine)
Power consumption:max. 5 A
Communication:Profi BUS / Profi NET
Accessories and options
  • Floor rack aluminum
  • Level sensor with 3 contacts
  • Automatic filling 20 or 200 liters for one or more units
  • Nozzles for external lubrication (if internal lubrication is not possible)
  • Extendable with high pressure module for doubling the hall pressure
  • Flow sensor for aerosol


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