Service Packages & Maintenance Contracts

Service Packages

An HPM Technologie service package puts the maintenance and the lifetime of your systems and spray heads into the best hands and keeps your costs under control. We ensure that not a single inspection is missed in daily business and make sure your machine is continually maintained as required.

The HPM service contracts offer you decisive advantages:

  • Reduction of downtimes with costs that can be calculated in advance
  • Service from a single source
  • Performance of inspections, maintenance and repair by trained service personnel
  • Use of original replacement parts

Maintenance Contracts

Our service professionals punctually and reliably plan and implement regular maintenance work on your HPM systems. Within the scope of this work, we take care of the following, among others:

  • Functional testing of the system
  • Comparison of the permanently set values
  • Checking the safety equipment
  • Replacement of all relevant filter elements
  • Checking and if nec. repair of the pressure generation
  • Refilling or replacing processing media or consumables
  • Scheduled replacement of wearing parts
  • Replacement of valves

Together with you, we develop an individual package of measures tailored to your system, plan the implementation of the maintenance work and the availability of all original replacement and wearing parts.

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