LSJ Basic

Basic can be that much power.

LSJ Basic

Basic can be that much power.

Discover the world of internal lubrication at an attractive entry-level price with the LSJ Basic.

Developed for countless applications and areas of use where only one parameter is required.

Simple operation: once optimally set, your process will function reliably and reduce your production costs in the long term.

High-quality components and a robust aluminum housing combined with precise workmanship. A system designed for eternity.

General information
  • Basic device for internal lubrication and the perfect entry into minimum quantity lubrication technology.
  • Cooling channel cross-section at the tool outlet from 0.6mm2 to max. 50mm2
  • Spindle size up to max. HSK 63
  • Optimal for all applications and processes where only one parameter is required
  • Manual setting of the parameters via the pressure regulators
  • Adjustment of aerosol saturation via 1 nozzle
  • Switching on and off via customer's machine
  • Visual fill level monitoring
  • Container capacity 3 liters (max. filling quantity 2 liters)
Technical data
Dimensions (W x L x H):250 x 180 x 400 mm
Weight:15 kg
Pressure at the tool:14 – 15,5 bar*
Aerosol outlet:Ø 10 mm (NW 8)

* Depending on: Cooling channel cross-section and viscosity of the liquid

Pressure range:4,5 - 16 bar
Compressed air connection:Ø 10 mm (NW 8)
Air supply:
(depending on cooling channel cross section)
Min: 250 Nl/min
Ideal: 500 Nl/min
Max: 3000 Nl/min
Power supply:24 V (Control signal via machine)
Power consumption:0,5 A
24 V DC
Accessories and options
  • Stainless steel stand
  • Stainless steel wall bracket
  • Level sensor with 3 contacts
  • Automatic filling 20 liters via customer PLC or HPM Ecmos 2.0
  • HPM Ecmos 2.0 with plug-in power supply 24 V
  • Nozzles for external lubrication (if internal lubrication is not possible)
  • 2-way ball valve NW 8
  • Extendable with high pressure module for doubling the hall pressure


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