HPM Breeze

Always the precise quantity that your process requires!

Economical and Ecological machining with HPM Breeze

Our Breeze technology has many enormous advantages over the previous classic lubrication applications.

For the machining process, an average of between 5 and 50 ml of lubricant is used per process hour and tool. These consumption values can also be briefly — depending on the requirements of the individual operation — increased to up to 200 ml per process hour. In addition to this excellent advantage over the previous method, the HPM Breeze method offers further enormous advantages from an economic and ecological point of view.

 LSJ BasicLSJ Basic ProLSJ Z01LSJ Z01 Plus S
Machines with spindle size:up to HSK-63up to HSK-63up to HSK-63up to HSK-100
Cooling channel cross section:from 0,6mm2from 0,6mm2from 0,6mm2from 0,6mm2
Aerosol saturation setting:1 Nozzle1 Nozzle1 Nozzle2 Nozzles
Tank capacity:3 Liter3 Liter6 Liter6 Liter
Level monitoring:visual (electrical optional)visual + electricalvisual (electrical optional)visual + electrical
Pressure on the tool:0 - 15,5 bar4,5 - 11 bar0 - 16 bar4,5 - 10 bar
Parameter setting:manualstepless electricmanualMachine control: ProfiNET I ProfiBUS
Automatic filling:optionaloptionaloptionaloptional
For deep hole drilling processes:xxxx
For step tool:xxxx
Machining centers:-x-x
Simple applications:x-x-


HPM internal lubrication equipment stands for...

Minimal consumption
Cost savings
No part cleaning
Higher productivity
Fit for the future
Increasing the tool life

Advantages of HPM Breeze

Can be used on portal milling machines, turning and milling centers, multi-lobe turning centers, multi-spindle machines and all other machining centers.


Only one axial spindle rotary transmission or similar is needed. No change to the spindle is necessary due to our 1-channel technology.

Optional switchover between CL/MQL
  • Different pressures can be controlled via NC machine program
  • Oil saturation can also be set via the injection nozzles
  • Fill quantity approx. 4 litres
  • Response times < 0,1 s
  • Can be used between 4 – 15,5 bar (tool-dependent)
  • Air volume flow from 70 – 800 Nl/min (tool-dependent)
  • Consumption between 5 – 100ml/h
  • Several spindles can be supplied simultaneously
  • The spindles should be able to run dry

Economic advantages:

  • Reduction of the lubricant consumption many times over
  • Reduction of the cleaning effort
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Reduction of skin irritations
  • Always fresh medium in the process

Ecological benefits:

  • Always fresh medium in the process
  • Dry workpieces – dry chips
  • Elimination of disposal costs for chips
  • Higher cutting speeds
  • No costs for emulsion treatment
  • Better surface qualities.

Cost potentials in series production

Dry machining according to the HPM Breeze method offers enormous savings potentials in series production.

Traditional quantity lubrication requires numerous systems, e.g., to cool and clean the emulsion, process the chips, and treat the waste water, but these can be eliminated when machining with the HPM Breeze method.

The savings potential is tremendous.

With HPM Breeze, the feed rate is increased by approx. 30%

With HPM Breeze, the tool life is nearly doubled

With HPM Breeze, the spindle load is decreased by approx. 30%

GREY: Water-soluble cooling lubricant - emulsion | BLUE: HPM Breeze 



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