Special solutions

All application is not the same!

No such thing as impossible

We approach all our tasks according to this principle. As the result of our modular system, we can find the optimum solution for your process together with you.

As you see, there are no limits to your requirements. Take advantage of our decades of experience in planning special systems. Simply contact us. Together, we will find the best solution for you.

Spraying bars

Our spraying bar technology is designed for the constant, even application of thin oil films on belts, coils, boards or geometric surfaces such as profiles, round bars, pipes, cables etc.

Our spraying bar solutions allow you to completely ignore negative influences such as the condition of cutting edges, uneven material strength, rough structures of surfaces or imprints from dirt particles that have to be considered during contact application.

Using our spraying bars will therefore pay off for you within a very short time! For initial equipment as well as for upgrading or retrofitting.

The HPM spraying bar solutions are adapted to every task.

Automatic filling

The automatic filling unit from HPM Technologie reduces effort and costs. Direct filling from the 200 litre barrel or the 1000 litre IBC. No manual refilling necessary anymore.

The automatic filling can be used wherever the HPM Breeze air spraying injector is used and may only be used in connection with an HPM Breeze air spraying injector or MDJ device. The lubricant supply is automatically refilled upon request from the HPM Breeze air spraying injector via a pneumatic compressed air pump.

The automatic filling can supply several systems at the same time. A level control in the tank/IBC allows the tank to be changed in time.

Example 1

Transfer system with individually controllable spraying points that guarantees a reliable supply of all spraying points via a central pressure tank system

Example 2

A 1660 mm wide and sectorisable spraying gate, for the oiling of coils or boards with integrated suctioning and automatic filling.



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