High performance industrial lubricants

Offering the best solution for your process has always been our motivation. Protecting the environment and people is our passion. With our state-of-the-art fluids from the SURVOS, SENTOSSAMNOS and POWER series, we are optimally equipped for this goal.

We make the highest demands on our products. Our lubricants are ultrapure and fulfil all requirements for lubricity and evaporation time. In addition, our SURVOS Plus L and SENTOS V-LR3 high-performance lubricants meet the strict food law requirements of the FDA US regulations in acc. with 21 CFR 178.3620 (b) and 178.3120.

Lubricants from HPM Technologie are developed and produced according to the highest ecological standards. People and the environment are sustainably protected.

With products from the SAMNOS series, you will also find biological lubricants in our range.

HPM industrial lubricants are known for ...

Specially developed for MQL
Better product quality
High Tech
Good biodegradability
Increased tool life

Unique advantages of our industrial lubricants

  • Specially developed for MQL
  • Elimination of cleaning processes
  • Extremely high cutting speed without reduction in tool life
  • Increase in material throughput
  • Better product quality
  • Clean parts / products
  • Built-up edges are effectively prevented
  • Optimal lubricity with residue-free drying
  • Good biological degradability
  • Can be used for almost all metals as well as plastics
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