MQL technology from HPM. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

With the use of our MMS technology, you not only produce less expensive but also more environmentally friendly.

MQL technology significantly reduces machining costs, along with other important benefits such as longer tool life, improved environmental protection and reduced operator health risks.

Why minimal lubrication right now?

Independent investigations by the Federal Statistical Office have shown that approx. 15% of the total cost of producing a component is caused by KSS. This is due to the contamination of the components arising at KSS, the care and maintenance of the components and, in particular, the disposal of chips contaminated with KSS as hazardous waste.
In particular, the topic of disposal of chips contaminated with cooling lubricants is an enormous cost driver. For example, filing and turning chips are generally classified as hazardous waste if the proportion of hydrocarbons exceeds 0.8 percent by weight or the cooling lubricant drips off the chips.

This means either clean the chips expensive or dispose of expensive.

This need not be!

With the use of our devices and fluids, you can circumvent this problem and immediately actively promote sustainable environmental protection and open up new potential for savings in terms of disposal and processing.

Together with us for a better future!



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