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Welcome to HPM-Technologie - your partner for innovative cooling lubrication concepts!

As a pioneer in the development of fluids for minimum quantity lubrication, our lubricants meet the highest ecological standards. The lubricants we develop and offer underscore our expert knowledge and development know-how, our consistent focus on innovation, and our corporate philosophy of sustainable protection of people and the environment. Our expertise in the field of fluid development, which has now been built up over 70 years, is accompanied by numerous development orders, with industry and research relying on our cross-industry and cross-sector knowledge.

Devices for minimum quantity lubrication and minimum quantity cooling lubrication

HPM technology ensures the highest quality in the equipment and spray systems for minimum quantity lubrication (internal lubrication and external lubrication). Special lubricants for minimum quantity lubrication and lubricants for minimum quantity cooling lubrication have been developed in our own laboratory. They are matched to the respective process technology and thus contribute to the best results for internal lubrication and external lubrication.

Minimum quantity lubrication - modular in countless variants precisely tailored to your needs

The highly technical minimum quantity spray systems and nozzles for internal and external lubrication applications manufactured in our own development are characterized by their highly precise and uniform operation. This ensures economical and environmentally friendly handling of lubricants for minimum quantity lubrication or minimum quantity cooling lubrication of the most varied properties.

We would be pleased to advise you personally and individually on the subject of minimum quantity lubrication, minimum quantity cooling lubrication, suitable equipment, spray systems and MQL / MMKS lubricants.

Modular in countless variations precisely tailored to you.

For 70 years now, the name of HPM Technologie has stood all over the world for the construction of highly modern plants in the area of minimum quantity spray application, trickling application and lubricants. Thanks to a modular set-up, our systems for universal use can be adapted individually to any task – for purposeful application of any fluids to surfaces or to three-dimensional bodies.



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